About Us

Basebowl is a Japanese fusion ramen bar and grill. With a modern minimalist aesthetic and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Basebowl caters perfectly to sports fans, young professionals, couples, and families alike. We love being a part of the Navy Yard neighborhood because it reflects the diversity we fuse into every bowl.

Our concept is to deliver healthy, delicious ramen, sourced from our own community, at an affordable price. We’ve raised the bar by utilizing only the freshest ingredients, many of which are locally produced in Virginia and certified organic. Unlike traditional ramen shops, we make our own noodles fresh daily, NEVER FROZEN or imported. Being a fusion shop allows us to innovate by relying purely on our own custom recipes which honor the Japanese style while also drawing inspiration from Thai, Chinese, South American cuisine. While artistically pleasing, our bowls do much more than hold our vibrant and flavorful ramen. The bowl represents a sanctuary for people, flavors, and ideas, from all backgrounds to come together and marinate in mutual joy and appreciation. As we step into 2021, Basebowl is redefining modern American cuisine.

Our Vision

We don’t want to be just another restaurant on the block. Our promise is to become a true community staple hosting indoor, outdoor, and weekend events. From sake bomb night to DIY dumplings, and gaming competitions up on the big screen, we have a host of community events up our sleeve which we are excited to roll out post-pandemic. To our regulars, we love you guys and thank you so much for your generous support. It’s been amazing getting to know you since we opened and we look forward to seeing you again soon! To our first-timers, welcome! We are so excited to serve you and show you what we can do. Opening a new business is never easy. Especially if that business is a restaurant. And especially if that restaurant is opening during a global pandemic. All of us at Basebowl have been so genuinely grateful for your support during these challenging times. We look forward to going all in and all out for you in 2021.

we’re hiring

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